Archdale Building - a picture!

I've wanted to take this picture for a long time. Finally, right?
This is the Archdale Building and it's reflection in the Dobbs Building as seen from the stair approaching from Salisbury Street.
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Soundtrack project underway

Actual work on the soundtrack/scoring project in which I've been lucky enough to get involved has begun. And of course, when I say "actual work," I'm referring to my role only. The film had been shot and is nearly finished with rough edits (from what I understand).

 I had a great meeting with the director last week. We went over the scenes that I am  expected to be scoring and some new ones that I will get to score, too.

Seeing the scenes definitely got the wheels spinning. I spent a few days stewing and plotting - making some very abstract notes that only I might (hopefully) understand.

Last night I sent a rough mix of the first track to the director. I chose an easy scene to break the ice - one where my notes where less vague (and I think pointed me in the right direction) and one which isn't pivotal to the tone of the movie.

I've got my work cut out for me with some if the other scenes, so I felt the need to break myself in after several months of not recording anything of value because of things Real Life threw at me.

 I'll upload the rough to my soundcloud site (http://soundcloud.com/brandonwhitesell).