First Song of the Year - Fake Flesh (instrumental)

Fear not, listener - this one has no singing. 
It'a an ambient piece built solely for relaxation and transportation. Buckle up for this snooze fest!

I had been messing about with an arpeggiator and was scared of creating a dance hall anthem. Leave it to a Rhodes and a Reverb (and a session of deep breathing) to chill things out a bit. There's an obvious homage to Roedelius in here.

This collection of instrumentals (and maybe the singtastic Empty Vessel) is growing into something quite nice. I haven't really had a proper solo release since 2001! better get on it. Time is slipping away.

It's a personal goal to work on something every chance i have - which right now looks like saturdays. I'm not foolish enough to think that i can finish something each week; but the discipline is essential. I've been spending too much time reading and too little time creating. vacation is over. time to rock everyone to sleep.