Cinder Block Sleeper - new instrumental

Cinder Block Sleeper (an instrumental)

when i'm lying down looking out the window as the sun is coming up - or in the middle of the afternoon if i'm lucky - i think back to the days when i didn't have a bed. I had a hand-me-down mattress (an idea to make me shudder now) set on top of 4 planks of wood which were elevated off the ground - to give the impression of a bed because i didn't want to be that guy who only had a mattress on the floor - raised up with cinderblocks. There were spiders in there.

When the daylight slipped in through the 5 dollar blinds, streaking a path of orbiting dust across the carpet that must be under there somewhere, i was bound to be late for one of three jobs to pay for school or school itself.

I had so much going on in my head that I couldn't separate the subjects of my classes, my jobs and my music. I wrote an english report on Ms. Dalloway and stream of consciousness writing using calculus - and expanded the idea in Design Studios with clippings from old discards from the news stand - my place of employment - and lyrics to my new hot 4-track concept album recordings.

I think i was grasping at anything to make everything else seem important - something to make me forget that I was just a kid who couldn't pay for anything, couldn't keep his friends happy and only thought he was awesome because knew he never was. Every night reminded me of that. I was only a cinderblock sleeper. Some build houses out of them.

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