another instrumental - hypnogogia I

Hypnogogia I

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with the sounds of the fans in the room making this particular drone sound that sounded like strings to me. chords shifted were shifting in and out around an A minor while this really strangely low in the mix (somewhere in the corner of the room under the night table? weird) repeating double bass was bowing in an E minor pattern. It really had me entranced, especially since i knew i was imagining it and it was a really unusual pattern.

So, i made it my goal today to translate that into something real - something that reflected my process of waking up this morning. I was lucky enough to remember the bass line.

All the strings here are Melotron, as are the pipe organ flutes. The grand is the same one that I used in Furlough.

I'm falling back in love with the idea of scoring films or even video games.

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