lunch with the wurly and an evening with you

i just got back from lunch with the wurlitzer.
he's going to be D-less tonight. i removed the reed (a metal plate that get's struck instead of a string) so i won't need to tape the key down or risk hitting a sour  note(and i mean RANK! - halfway  between the C# and the D. oof.). There are only a few songs where this note gets tickled, and given the live club sound, i'm thinking it won't be missed. plus, if i'm on my game i can compensate

i experimented a little with tuning it, though . it started off flat, which means that it needs more solder on it - apparently, as the physics goes, the as mass and/or the surface area of the solder increases the pitch raises (this makes some sense as far as the surface area goes because it's like frets on a guitar or holes in a flute  - but, i didn't have any solder on me. so, i thought i'd file away at what was there to get myself familiar with it and see how much make a difference in notes. i'm pretty confident (and i have to read up on the type of solder and procure a file that i can squeeze inbetween the dampers and arms) that i can solder onto the reed to tune up without having to spend too much money.

this is the same reed that i had to buy before, so i'm thinking that i either play that particular not very roughly, or the replacement was a little weaker than the rest. It's hard to say.

Regardless of my D-less-ness, I hope to see a lot of people out tonight. The Flute Flies are debuting their stuff tonight. Cytunes is launched online, so go buy music. Might i recommend The Ready Set? Ryan Pound's long awaited recording of my one-time Raleigh's favorite band ever finally gets out. They were the greatest. His songs, Dustin's guitar, Brian's drums, anne's cello, and katrina's voice made for a perfect ensemble. The Ready Set isn't playing tonight (or probably ever) but you might get to hear some from the DJ.

Hope to see you there.

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