I have a new favorite book designer

I am in no way ousting Roy Brooks from top dog  in my favorite designer list; but, I have discovered someone who should be on everybody's list of Person Who's Books I Will Always Buy Given The Choice Or The Money:
Coralie Bickford-Smith

Following links from Under Consideration's Quipsologies I happened upon this blog post from Penguin UK, which employs a unique (although inaccessible) interview style.
It has been a long time since i've been so freshly enamored by and taken with a specific designer's style -- the last being Brian Wood, who has since ventured into and dragged me along into the world of comic books.

The Arabian Nights set is f*&king fantastic. I'm a sucker for a box of identically themed items, but the box itself usually falls flat - more of a wrapper or packaging for a retail shelf. not in this case. Bickford-Smith seems to design specifically for the shelf and the tactile experience Her use of patterns is leaving me dizzy and giddy. I can't even imagine how much time i would spend oggling and running my fingers over (and, yes, probably smelling) The Penguin Classics Set - which is only available from the Waterstone shop in Engerland, apparently - better for me and my financial situation, for certain!

I am curious about her pages, too - that, is if Penguin let's her monkey with the insides too.

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