Close - Give It Up

I'm not certain about the mix of this yet, but here is the latest (with all instruments & vocals) version of Give It Up, which up until last week was an instrumental - not because it sounded good as an instrumental, but because we hadn't fleshed out the ideas yet.

Give It Up - mixed 122008 - right click to download (control click if your a one button mac user)

There are two parts to the song in two different keys. We thought it was begging for a cause/effect or /problem/resolution relationship between the two parts. we managed it lyrically; but i also wanted to "get there" with the production. I drew inspiration from ye olde scottish islands - not really - but Wicker Man did come to mind as i was laying out what sounded like very VERY traditional folksy tracks. This made sense for the more lyrically grounded front end of the song. The second part needed to space out a little, as a voice of reason or something definable yet unobtainable. Go go gadget reverb machine.

The reason I'm not sold on the mix as of yet is that I can't hear the bass drop quite as well as i want. There really needs to be that foundation underneath the treble and midrange... acoustically and metaphorically, i guess.

The lyric:
All alone a 6a.m. even though there's someone sleeping on the edge of the hole you made when your feet hit the cold day dreaming - porch lights in snow, side walking slow.

Shake your head full of memory of a day when nothing mattere; weren't you only there yesterday - faces behind you open in side you.

The weight of every bleeding heart pulls the knot of your hangman's windsor. Hit the street to face the day. It's the same everyday's the same everyday. the same. thesamethesame.

If you want to make it end, make it end.
If you want to give it up, give it up.

Eternal daydream tortured past weight of ashes feather crashes it crashes down.
From dirt to dirt it's just that plain irrational but not insane you're not insane.
You're not insane
{First wordy part is my fault. second crazy part is vince's.}

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Tony Duque said...

Well... I haven't really taken the complete tour of your blog, but I will, for a couple of reasons.
1) you have the distinction of being the one and only person who has chosen to disclose that they're following my sunrise blog. I trust my pics appeal to you on some level, and that makes me very happy.
2) I'm a guitar player (~50 years worth) who was involved in the folk music scene of the 60s in So. Calif, and I have a deep love of acoustic music and great admiration for those who pursue it today.
I really enjoyed your song, "Give It Up" - every part of it... the nice, accurate harmonies, the clean guitar work... and I sure hope I find more of your music elsewhere on your blog. Keep up the writing/recording! It's good, and I actually do know what I'm talking about on that.