Things that are or have happened.

I'm not particularly interested in "giving Thanks." That is not to say that I'm "ungrateful" or a Pilgrim-shaped Scrooge. I'm just not interested in the notion of bowing in supplication to a hypothesized entity that, frankly, could have done a lot better, if indeed anything was "done."

For the same or similar reasons I am most certainly not feeling "blessed." I don't think that any of my conditions or situations makes me superior to anyone. Being "blessed" certainly implies that there are those among us who are unworthy of an imagined superiority.

However awful this may sound to you, there are things that happen and things that take place in my life or that I bear witness to in the lives of others - things that fill me with contentedness and a bright sense of identity - a sense of connectedness to the planet on which I stand and the people and things standing here with me. These things that simply are or that have happened to me make me feel happy and fulfilled:
  • Leeann and lots of very personal things about her, which I'm keeping to myself.
  • Roy's healing heart and the doctors who know their stuff
  • The ever expanding list of Best Friends
  • I own a house that I can pay for
  • Bike rides and bus rides to work
  • Shapes of buildings against a clear blue sky
  • The color of trees or the shapes of their branches
  • Music
  • Writing and then playing music with friends
  • Writing and the recording music alone
  • Comic books
  • Good comic books and graphic novels
  • Small, meaningful and respectful contact with respected creative-types on teh internets
  • Insightful or whimsical contact with re-discovered friends as if you've only last seen them yesterday - yes, specifically Facebook
  • President-elect Obama
  • Millions of families saying "Obama" around their tables, too.
  • Great books - for their writing, design, age, or smell.
  • My Nieces, Nephews, Brother, Sisters, Mother, Father, Steps and In-Laws. (They are all more important to me than my proximity and phone-bill indicate.)
Of course, I could go on. That in itself should go on the list.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Please eat well, nap better, feel "blessed" if you like, give "thanks" if you want to; but, do take the time to look around and inside yourself and consider the things that compel you onward through the day.


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