Onlooker - The Closest Distance NEW DEMO

There are a couple of songs that I wrote a while ago that died on the table when i brought them to Vince for new Close songs or when i tried to record them myself as new Boar tracks (see "Helping Hands" for a good example - that one died again with the Magic Babies. oh well.)

One in particular, The Closest Distance," managed to get played once or twice at a close show; but, it was a little to torchsongy - or maybe too emo - but definitely too personal to sing on acoustic guitars to a cross-legged crowd of 15 acquaintances. The subject matter is probably more elusive than I give it credit for - nobody ever said anything about it (although Vince kindly forgot to include it in additional sets) - But then nobody ever says anything really about any song, do they. Not a bad thing - but with this one in particular, I felt funny enough or too close to the topic that i needed to shelve it.

It's been long enough and it occurred to me that Onlooker is just the right project to give it the attention it deserves (I do think it's a good song at heart, it just needs guidance). Travis may or may not know what it is I'm singing about; but, he always knows (or guesses closely enough) where I'm coming from and (i think) he takes pleasure in this sort of vague portraiture.

Right Click and save to hear an extremely rough take and mix.

The closest distance possible
between two lonely people -
the smooth communion
of inhibitions -
it is the point
where communication
your best defense.
Your closest friends
are nowhere around.
Please, forgive me.
Find a reason
to do this all again.
This isn't how this ends.

a light romp, eh?

It took me a few days to get the vocal delivery right (although the quality needs to be examined for peaking in some parts). The rang on this song is... well... soaring - It used to be that at "are nowhere around" I crept further up the scale. That is precisely where the emo lived, i think.

I recorded this all to a metronome at 100bpm to allow for Onlooker madness to ensure. I hope that it does. I think this will be a good start to a new 2 song EP (to follow up Folow Me Down / 93 and Cry).

I hope you enjoy this very early version.

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