Close - Muted Post Horn

If you like 10 minute ambient acoustic drones, have this:

Muted Post Horn - right click and save or if you're on a one button mouse, control-click and save.

I have had a very strong urge to forgo traditional songwriting and my vocal pitfalls and record a stream of consciousness piece with Vince. He indulged me. We've got 4 tracks total here. 2 Vince acoustic guitars, 1 me acoustic guitar (with eBow), and one Nord on an organ patch (Dear friend Brian let me borrow this for temporaries because my Wurlitzer crapped out during a Magic Babies show).

Vince has been playing in an open D tuning, so i re-tuned to an open A for giggles. I think the swells, as unplanned an un-choreographed as they were, turned out to be very natural and aesthetically pleasing (in other words, fly).

I definitely need to do more of this.
Enjoy. Sleep well.

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