Close - Arrowhead

This is a new (better) mix of Arrowhead. The ending was lacking something. Turns out it was lacking lack. Dripping the gleeful tracks out was just as effective as plopping them in, it turns out.

Arrowhead - Oct 22 - right click (control-click for macs) and save for listening.

The ending vocals is a mixed down EQ'd low-level mix of 8 of my redonkulous vocal harmonies. The vocal harmonies are precisely the trapping i referred to in the Muted Post Horn post - the things i needed to get away from for a while. Not that i don't love making far too many vocal tracks, but after 3 or 4 songs in the key of D, i was getting a little redundant, i think.

enjoy this Arrowhead track. It's another of Vince's fine snapshots of childhood.

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