Close - Arrowhead - very very early mix

Arrowhead, as i mentioned a few posts ago, is in a state of incompletitude. We made significant progress this week with the mix, adding an organ track, and talking through - and talking out - ideas of just where this needed to go.

right click (or control-click all you lovely mac users) and save:

the organ saved my butt here - i was originally intending to add a ton of overdubbed "oo" or "ahh" tracks in a chordal round or canon; but, in talking it out, we realized tonight that what we were trying to replicate might be easier to just do as nature intended: with a cheap-ass hand-me-down casio keyboard from th 90s - yes, it has speakers. I went direct and added a light reverb to warm it up. there may still be a pop from the attack of the organ sound; i'll have to compress that out.

This particular mixdown is missing a ton of ideas. but, the last half is so droney and spacey that it needed to be documented in its raw state.

i intend to add some subtle doubling of the low-mixed harmonies and maybe a coda of the chorus at the end.

i don't want to forget that for the first chorus, I had thought at one point of dropping the guitars and adding a pounding octave and fifth piano and maybe a tom 1/4 beat. the vocals conjur a war chant in my head. This adds to the visual that the song is trying to paint. Vince wrote this about a childhood experience - maybe he'll comment here and add hi two cents, but i wouldn't count on it... NOBODY reads this bunk! ;)

enjoy the download. it is of course raw and incomplete and not properly mixed; but posterity calls.

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