Magic Babies are Latin Wizards

apparently the music staff at the Independent doesn't actually go out to hear the bands they are promoting:

Magic Babies, Bull City, Slim's

The classic part of classic rock is all perspective anyway, right? Durham's Bull City pulls more from the updated, stateside interpretation, playing lean, hooky guitar pop a la Chape Trick, with edges as crisp as fresh laundry on the line. The Magic Babies, though, go across bodies of water both east and south, pulling from the loose, communal vibe of decades-old Brazilian psychedelic heroes and, simultaneously, the irresistible swagger and charm of the dudeful Badswinger. $3/ 10 p.m. —GC

Brazilian, what?!? Oh yeah, psychedelic again. you'd think we "jammed." i think our longest song is 4 minutes. oh, grayson. will we see you there? Nice to get the nod in the "Music Worth Leaving the House For" though.

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