Brian Wood's Northern Boy T-shirts - going quick

If you like yourself, you should treat yourself. Treat yourself to a T-shirt and cover that thing.

Brian Wood, author/creator of DMZ and the Best-Ever-My-Favorite Local, has had a screen-print business on the internet for some time. Now is the time to order a shirt - he is moving and might leave the T-shirt biz behind him. The designs are impressive and the shirts are American Apparel, so they will last longer than your cheap ass slave-labor Urban Outfitter Target tee.

Northern Boy - hurry hurry

I just ordered the Great Lakes design for my lady, because I owe her. She ordered three shirts from Etsy.com in November and they came in wrong size wrong color wrong design in March. They all smelled of cigarettes and took 6 months to come in. Luckily, they fit me. I can guarantee that the Northern Boy tee will be better than that experience.

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