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Leeann's jewelry Just got featured in Smashing Darling's email! She's #12 in their list - see here.


everytime i think about the iPhone, I get antsy and want one. What a devilish device - makes me want to find a better paying, more miserable boring job just so that i could afford one.

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John in the Morning!
Best Show Ever.

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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
The best book I've ever not enjoyed reading.
Highly recommended must read.

Democrats debate

I missed the debates last night. When I got home from Magic Babies practice, Leeann told me a little about it. I was, of course, a little too eager to judge - i.e. Edwards is smarmy, Clinton (the news will only call her by her first name - it's irritating) is a closet warmonger, and Obama is too religious. I realized, while listening to leeann talk about how well the debates went (i'll be trying to catch the webcast during off-time at work), that she is remarkably more tolerant than i could ever hope to be. She was excited that everybody (some more than others) had great things to say.
I forgot that these are all democrats and I will vote for any of them. There can be no place for my rush to judgment. I'll ease into it!


new name for blog

dot yup.

long time gone

so - no post since February, eh? nice.

I've redesigned my former freelance site's home page (now a online ftp hole for project passing) to be a little less ugly and experimental. I was tired of it being up there - especially so close to my HS reunions where people will undoubtedly be looking for me.

I think i'm going to de-specialize this blog and use it for all purpose. I really pigeon-holed myself when i said "music projects." I got into a habit of not posting when and what I wanted. I'm feeling the urgest of urges to be webby again.

I've got to figure out some things like flash music players so that i can keep a playlist on the side of my projects - for easy access. then i can clutter up the blaaaahg with posts like these.

For reasons in addition to their genius, Kieron Gillen and Warren Ellis are setting a good example of how to maintain (for a few years running!) a consistent web presence. .. as if Blogger could be a host to that.

Content first. Format second.

Welcome back to me.