Poles Apart - Digging Through Dirt

At long last, the final version of Digging Through Dirt.

Digging Through Dirt - right click to download

I am very happy with this. Most of my satisfaction, admittedly, comes from finally being able to get something done. It had been four months since i had been able to make any progress. I know that i've been busy with the Magic Babies and pre-occupied with finding a house to own; but those are really just excuses for not coping with the writer's block. I finally had the opportunity last night to have about two hours after work to myself. Being alone in the house (i may have mentioned before) is important to my recording because 1)I need quiet and the house doesn't really have doors to isolate my "studio" and 2) i am terribly shy when it comes to doning headphones and singing into a microphone in ranges not normal for a 33 year old man - plus the lyrics tend to get written on the fly and usually start off as mumbles and jumbles.

With this song in particular, lyrically i had been hung up on a two work alliteration that would loop over the ending: "enemies and animals." I have no idea where it came from or why and what the heck i was going to do with it. So for months I sat on that and would get nowhere with terrible lyrics trying to be smart and witty concerning perhaps the war or maybe vegetarianism or a ton of equally overly Important subjects that all sounded too terribly pretentious. So in order to break myself of this tendency, I put the song (as it stoof, instrumental and such) on loop at work all thrusday afternoon so that i would have it burned into my brain and subconsciously work through all of my first impressions and gut reactions - i needed to work past my usuall flowy melody line trappings - especially if this was going to not sound like the other songs.

When roy's guitars come in, the song really takes on life. I chose to focus on those guitars and their pace. I had no idea about my subject matter, still; so, I just scratch-tracked a two sylable work over and over again, typed it out as many times (i think the word was "enough") and symply started replacing each occurrance with two sylables that might come next in a sentence. very very random. I used to do this sort of mental cut-up back in school. Highway Anxiety, one of the better "songs in Lowkey" was written this way using a short story/dream recellection in my journal as fodder. Digging Through Dirt didn't have any fodder as source, sadly - another testament to how much less i create 10 years later.

Admittedly, the second verse is stronger than the first - i really got my pacing down. I also revised the chorus a handful of times - for a while I kept finding new ways to phrase things so that they would be more -er- allerterific(?). Once I settled on what the song seems to be about, that second verse was easier to write. I decided not to re-write the first verse. lazy? perhaps. but, with the second verse being there, the first is excusable, i think - sort of a setup.

I hope you like this, the last in this series of Poles Apart songs. Next we will tackle the collection and distribution.

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it took enough to get caught up enough of all the waiting for the big one
the hour's gone gravity won you dropped it when i tossed back the last one

are we like enemies
or are we only animals
digging through the dirt
to take up time

i'm not convinced the other wins when words are lost and speech is for the wicked
but i caught up and called your bluff i think i did my logic is now slipping.


kellianne said...

"More! More music!" they cried outside his window. How could he give them just one song? They craved the way it filled their spaces, blue and green, underwater sounds. The end of the song turned the lights on too quickly.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, i love love love it!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, i love love love it!