Magic Babies - virginal posting and first outing

The Magic Babies had their first show last night. At the above linked myspae page, you can read a little about how i fit into the band. My commentary is this:
I have never played proper keyboards in a proper rock band before. I thought that i might have something to add to the process and I was eager for some sort of live multi-membered musical experience. The show last night solidified for me just how much fun I can have while adding something important to some well crafted songs. (that was a big worry of mine - that i would slip into "jamming" - i hate "jamming.")
The song(s?) that are at the myspace page are demos recorded before my joining the band, so there aren't any tracks to post or link to here. Those will come in time, i'm sure. Charles, the head chef of magical babydom, wants to craft EPs and move along so that the sound can change and develop from year to year. I'm game for that.

I like jumping into the song writing process without the onus of building from scratch. It makes for a nice change of pace (although I'm not eager to give up songwriting).

One difficult thing about playing out is moving gear. Oh, yeah - and the late hours. I had a Red Bull with dinner, so the anticipated 7hour buzz kept me going, but i was a little droney this morning - what better opportunity to listen to some Poles Apart tracks on my new iPod! new iPod! new iPod! now my walks home can be study time for lyric writing, too.

Yeah, so the moving of gear is not too big of a deal when you've just got a guitar and amp. I had to move an organ, Wurlitzer, casio and stand. That Wurlitzer, god love it, is a heavy thing. Was it worth the back pain? yes yes yes. it barks. it has the sweetest sound.

we've got another show dec 23rd (no chrstmas trip home for me, then - pressure's off... plus dad's going to florida, anyway) and Charles wants to start recording the songs we've got. i just might get to layer some backup vocals. it's what i do, you know.

till recordings are available, live shows and word of mouth will have to do.


Selacious Crumb - Unfrocked

Today is my childhood friend Ryan's birthday. He has the distinct honor of being the only person to ever get me to play guitar naked in front of a studio audience of very kind friends (none of whom speak to me anymore, for reasons unrelated, i hope).
The video project (one of the few of his in which i had the pleasure of participating - discounting numerous highschool videos) was titled "Selacious Crumb: unfrocked." It came about in an altered giggle-fest joking about MTV's Unplugged show and what if we had a band and what if it was actually about playing without clothes instead of without amps. That was very silly. The song (how i dearly wish i had an mp3 to post) was actually very good. Travis built up some Liaka-esqu loops, i played some vey amateur shoegazery guitar while Ryan busted out the harmonica at Just The Right Moment. beuatiful.
Today's his birthday. Happy birthday ryan!