Poles Apart - Out The Window

It's been a while since i've been able to get to any of the Poles Apart project. Let me be the first to tell me that I am relieved to have gotten back to it. To anything actually. Sometimes life gets in the way of livin' if you know what i mean.

So roy had sent some guitar track to me that he named Out the Window, probably because he thought ill of the tracks, or maybe he was playing to the dude across the street who had moved all of his wordly posessions to the curb . I liked his parts alot. There are three tracks, all acoustic. The first is the basis for the following two, which are the great linear plucks that bounce around eachother. I liked them so much that I sat on them forever.

After listening many times, I decided i need to get at the heart of my difficulty in finding anything to add - the introduction of the part. I worked out a part using my favorite contrived soft-instrument, my Tebetan Horn, and the Mtron Choir on chords that served the guitar parts well enough without being too notey - I didn't want to take away from the guitars, you see. I played with the guitar line then moved it aside so that i could "introduce them." That seemed to work well enough in a very dead can dance sort of way. I guess i don't mind the reference (self-imposed).

After that was left alone for a while (until tonight), i really had no idea where it was going to go.
I listened and listened finally settling on a noodle on the wurlitzer that would maybe bring some chordal form to it that i could follow vocally. Easy 'nuff. I guess the weeks of not doing much creatively (there WERE a few things here and there) added up tonight's relative ease at settling into a song after having little idea what to do to complement what was given to me.

Wanna hear it? Here it go:
Out the Window as of yet - right click, save, whatever

The shade my impression promisses
Lies to the burns on my back

With chemicals and floating rain
we force it down and leave a stain

The steps I am taking go nowhere
They're lies and my body won't last

The chemicals won't heal the pain
It's not safe out in the prayed-for rain.


My hope is that Roy can dig me and my vocals out from my insecurities - upon a listen... dang that's a lot of reverb!
Enjoy, n,joy,oy oioioiiii

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