Close - spacedawg (working title, obviously)

We hadn't gotten together in a few weeks due to an adorable new arrival in Vince's household. Congrats for birthing another cute kid.

When we got together last week, we just started to play our guitars to freshen up. Vince started plucking his chords the way he do; and I - feeling very lyrical (must have been the blousey jester's outfit - picture it if you will) - work out some linear phrases to chase his part around.

This was the result.
He EQ'd his part and split the panning - very nice. the linear part was begging for a tweaked out feeling to keep the hits on the strings from being a distraction to the lengthy melody line.

We will definitely rename it (name came from a comment of the type of drummer we might need... whatever that means!) as vocals and lyrics develop.


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