Poles Apart - Knowing Where We're Going

Roy did his thing with the foreboding midsection of Knowing Where We're Going. He also found this blog - more on that below!
you'll need iTunes i think - it's an m4a file... real player might work too

He sent this explanation:

Here's what I did:

dug that hole in the middle a little deeper: removed that glitchy
guitar and the frenetic acoustic strumming that was bugging me... then
I took a chunk of your vocals and tweaked the hell out of it. I don't
know... it was sounding more dramatic on the headphones, but listening
now on the shelf system I'm wondering if it's enough. It's weird; you
may hate it.

I also dropped the level of the glitchy guitar in the beginning, as
that had been distracting me as well...

oh, I killed my vocal additions as they just weren't adding anything.

Let me know thoughts...

I like how much he hates what he has added. That's funny to me. he's so modest. He's also reading this! He "found [my] blog."

The other reader(s) out there may wonder why he didn't know about this blog since it's a work journal.
As ironic as it is, the reason is that i am shy.
There's a strange sort of detatchment around posting to a blog so that i can feel confortable enough to air out the feelings and work out the problems and kinks in a project; but, it's also a bit nervewracking to tell someone that you "have a blog." My biggest excuse which went on for far too long was that I hate when someone asks you to visit their blog and there is nothing there - one or two posts. feh. I wanted to save up so that the "volume" - the tome that is my thought - would be "impressive."

I will most definietly hate this post.

But my journals in design school were full of random and sometimes painfully stupid ideas. I think that this "work journal" represents me adapting to my always-at-the-computer-much-too-pre-occupuied-with-the-web-to-pick-up-a-pen mentality.

That said, Knowing Where We're Going is near completion. all that remains is final mixdown and archiving. You might say that it's In The Can.

Good good. i hope you like where the song was going.

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