Onlooker - Follow Me Down

Follow Me Down - round 1 to travis

This song I've had up my sleeve for a while and have just recently decided that it was time for it to crawl out of there. No more hoarding songs just to see if I can make something happen with them. I can't; I need travis on this one.

This song is more or less a look into flooded rivers and the ruin that comes along with them as an allegory for the river styx as approached by someone who has no chance to survive its crossing. 


Follow me down
The river's backed up and brown
and poised for the attack
Scewers and snakes won't buy it back

my whole life for this.

Slipped up and fell behind
the back deck and mis-aligned
the reasons I had to stay behind
Skewers and snakes won't pay the fine

my whole life for this
for this?

There have been a few discarded incarnations o this song. Most all of them sucked. This is the best by far: amazing what a little time and seperation can do. 
I've recorded this at 107 bpm to a metronome to make it easier for drums and other things that travis may want to do.

Oh yeah. I decided to record this tonight because there was a great thunderstorm (that had petered to a strong rain by the time i wa sset up) and it seemed perfect. the noise at the begining is in fact rain on my porch underneath the acoustics. I thought it would be a cool effect; but it ended up being a strain on the ears after a while - it sounded like white noise. So, i faded it out while an electric came in playing the same part. We'll see. Mostly I've just laid this out and semi-mixed it so that Travis can hear what I was thinking and go from there. As always, It's wide open ofr him to screw around with.

Night Night,

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