Onlooker - 93 and Cry

93 and Cry started as a recording excesize to try and create a pace and percussive tone with only the acoustic and without a pick. I didn't want to just try something and leave it, so i wrote a song with a standard structure so that things could be added easily. I also recorded to a metronome just in case anything needed that level of exactness later.

Upon listening to this after a break from it, I think the end of the second verse and chorus lose me. I tend to follow the bass part that comes from one of the acoustic lines; and it suddenly dissapears and the chords change their structure at the same time - it's very distracting, since the tone of the whole song is very foggy and drifty.

Lyrics will need to be written. I kind of left it open for travis; and i think he mentioned that he had started working something out.

I'm excited to hear where this goes: will this version get sliced and diced, remixed and played over? who knows.

click to hear this first draft of 93 and cry

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