The Ups - Grasping at straws

I just sent the following email to roy expaining how i tackled a problem we were having with GarageBand hanging up on us during playback of songs that had a lot of recorded (or "live") tracks - also too many effects going on each of these tracks, i'm sure. The following work-around could be helpful if posted and ...erm... forgotten, if i don't:

roy -
are you ready? here it go:

i mixed down what we had; snatched it from my iTunes library (i didn't
want THAT popping up randomly!)onto my desktop; renamed that aiff with
a _052206mix suffix; saved the garageband file with the same suffix to
an out of the way folder for archiving; dragged the aiff into the open
grageband document (it created a new track); i deleted the now
unnecessary tracks (and deleted the aiff from my desktop as it is
copied into the band file now), and; i saved the garageband to the "at
Brandon" folder with the original file name (sans suffix) thereby
overwriting and moving beyond all stumbling blocks.

a length process with a high yield of creative grain. that single
mixed down track with some reverb on it makes for a nice foundation.
just to see, i laid some 'lectric piano over the top. very nice with
the ambient buzzing in the background.

if you've got the patience, it's a good hail mary approach to our
glitchy problems. {and if it doesn't work out, you've still got the
original to dick around with} I was also able to open up the original,
copy a drumloop that i wanted to isolate, close the original and paste
the drumloop into the newer band file. tricky and not aligned
correctly, but the midi notes were there.

There are other songs that are suffering from this problem. we discussed this tonight and resolved to find ways to move ahead with the songs via subtraction or anyother method.
we'll see where it puts us...

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