the ups - another afternoon

i added some vocal tracks to Another Afternoon last night.
It had been a few weeks since I'd been able to do any work on Ups stuff.
I opened up Another Afternoon just to start taking inventory and stock
of what I had to work on. By the time the end of the song hit i was
moved to start adding vocals.
Structurally, this song turns a corner at the very end: the chords
change as well as the tone. It's got a sense of resolve.
I suppose the whole piece could have stood on its own but there was such
energy in it, I would feel like i wimped out if i didn't just try.
I worked the lyrics from the back to the front. It seemed i needed that
"conclusion" to know where to start.
This is a very rough draft:
Every hundred heartbeats
I've got to force it down
There are subtleties in the way this control works
To keep my blood from turning brown
Tearing off of shirts
To keep the fever down
The better of the worse
When friends are in the ground
[nothing yet.. ideas - hand grip hanging on see only spots and figments.
you=bright spot distraction]
[nada - proximity of bodies distance of spirits]
until I go to sleep
you'll watch my breath
get slower
and deeper
go to sleep
and watch my breath
get slower and deeper

that's where that is. next week maybe an mp3.

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