Poles Apart - Knowing Where We're Going

I should have posted this earlier - much earlier.

Knowing Where We're Going has been incubating for a few months. it's present roy-brandon-roy-brandon-now at roy's state is as such:
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We are stranded
on the interstate
They are stuck up
in a plane.

either way
we'll get there, but
we'll both be late
But knowing where we're going
i can't complain

We will walk
until we fall down
they will tumble
to the ground

either way
we get there
too soon or too late
through tunnels into starlight
why can't it wait.

the middle part (where the vocals so painfully drop to half volume) is an intended filler of some sort (i can't remember what i was thinking). I know that i wanted roy to do something there and left some of the vocal track in there as a guide.

we talked about it earlier this week and he may have a new treatment soon.

maybe a frikkin sweet sax solo.

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