close - southern tabernacle

Vince and i started a new project last evening. i may have mentioned
before that Vince's only day that he can make music is Thursdays (our
scheduled time); so he wants to refocus our energies into more creation
instead of the slow writing process we've been sucked into.

I laid down a track (we're working in garageband now, so that we can
work at his house, my house or anywhere on our laptops) of a really
sleepy guitar melody as kind of a "pencil sketch" of the song. The idea
is to approach it like a painting or illustration, filling in colors and
details as we go.

I added some detail around the first chorus to bring out the chordal
shaping (i just made that up! maybe i should post this at .dork).

Then Vince added a wash of distortion from his fender solid state.

no mix to post yet. it's just too soon and we're so fragile. and we
haven't mixed and panned.

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