Poles Apart - Knowing Where We're Going

I should have posted this earlier - much earlier.

Knowing Where We're Going has been incubating for a few months. it's present roy-brandon-roy-brandon-now at roy's state is as such:
click to listen


We are stranded
on the interstate
They are stuck up
in a plane.

either way
we'll get there, but
we'll both be late
But knowing where we're going
i can't complain

We will walk
until we fall down
they will tumble
to the ground

either way
we get there
too soon or too late
through tunnels into starlight
why can't it wait.

the middle part (where the vocals so painfully drop to half volume) is an intended filler of some sort (i can't remember what i was thinking). I know that i wanted roy to do something there and left some of the vocal track in there as a guide.

we talked about it earlier this week and he may have a new treatment soon.

maybe a frikkin sweet sax solo.

The Ups - NEW NAME

From here on out (and until we find out that there is an argentinian rap star that goes by this moniker) Roy and I, The Ups, will be calling ourselves..

[dramatic pause]

Poles Apart.


The Ups - Grasping at straws

I just sent the following email to roy expaining how i tackled a problem we were having with GarageBand hanging up on us during playback of songs that had a lot of recorded (or "live") tracks - also too many effects going on each of these tracks, i'm sure. The following work-around could be helpful if posted and ...erm... forgotten, if i don't:

roy -
are you ready? here it go:

i mixed down what we had; snatched it from my iTunes library (i didn't
want THAT popping up randomly!)onto my desktop; renamed that aiff with
a _052206mix suffix; saved the garageband file with the same suffix to
an out of the way folder for archiving; dragged the aiff into the open
grageband document (it created a new track); i deleted the now
unnecessary tracks (and deleted the aiff from my desktop as it is
copied into the band file now), and; i saved the garageband to the "at
Brandon" folder with the original file name (sans suffix) thereby
overwriting and moving beyond all stumbling blocks.

a length process with a high yield of creative grain. that single
mixed down track with some reverb on it makes for a nice foundation.
just to see, i laid some 'lectric piano over the top. very nice with
the ambient buzzing in the background.

if you've got the patience, it's a good hail mary approach to our
glitchy problems. {and if it doesn't work out, you've still got the
original to dick around with} I was also able to open up the original,
copy a drumloop that i wanted to isolate, close the original and paste
the drumloop into the newer band file. tricky and not aligned
correctly, but the midi notes were there.

There are other songs that are suffering from this problem. we discussed this tonight and resolved to find ways to move ahead with the songs via subtraction or anyother method.
we'll see where it puts us...


The Ups - Another Afternoon

Another Afternoon's lyrics have been finished and recorded.

dig it

Every hundred heartbeats I have to force this down.
There are subtleties in the way this control works to keep my blood
from turning brown.

The heat covers the hurt so your worries don't compound.
You're the better of this worse; all our friends are in the ground.

When the image of me that runs deeper than the space wherein my skin
shutters and spits me back to Earth, may the brightness stain your eyes.

[only nothing can go nowhere]
If I'm only holding on here, it's much too bright to leave.

Until I go to sleep you'll watch my breath get slower and deeper.


I hope to hell you like it.

The Ups - papio and burning oak

I think this might be the final version of Papio and Burning Oak:
Listen to Papio and Burning Oak

The lyrics were getting lost, so i revisited the recording of them
and ended up changing them a tad:

There isn't any time
to do the things we said.
The pressure's coming down
And spinning round our heads

We're not the only ones
who didn't follow through.
Everything around
is dying too.


I wanted to seperate the intent from the individual whoa-is-me-plight
that can really damage a song. I pushed the narrator out of himself
and into more of a participatory position in whatever was causing the
whoa-is-me to begin with.

I also thought a little more confidence was required in the
performance.... especially since the Self didn't have to speak anymore.



the ups - another afternoon

i added some vocal tracks to Another Afternoon last night.
It had been a few weeks since I'd been able to do any work on Ups stuff.
I opened up Another Afternoon just to start taking inventory and stock
of what I had to work on. By the time the end of the song hit i was
moved to start adding vocals.
Structurally, this song turns a corner at the very end: the chords
change as well as the tone. It's got a sense of resolve.
I suppose the whole piece could have stood on its own but there was such
energy in it, I would feel like i wimped out if i didn't just try.
I worked the lyrics from the back to the front. It seemed i needed that
"conclusion" to know where to start.
This is a very rough draft:
Every hundred heartbeats
I've got to force it down
There are subtleties in the way this control works
To keep my blood from turning brown
Tearing off of shirts
To keep the fever down
The better of the worse
When friends are in the ground
[nothing yet.. ideas - hand grip hanging on see only spots and figments.
you=bright spot distraction]
[nada - proximity of bodies distance of spirits]
until I go to sleep
you'll watch my breath
get slower
and deeper
go to sleep
and watch my breath
get slower and deeper

that's where that is. next week maybe an mp3.


close - southern tabernacle

Vince and i started a new project last evening. i may have mentioned
before that Vince's only day that he can make music is Thursdays (our
scheduled time); so he wants to refocus our energies into more creation
instead of the slow writing process we've been sucked into.

I laid down a track (we're working in garageband now, so that we can
work at his house, my house or anywhere on our laptops) of a really
sleepy guitar melody as kind of a "pencil sketch" of the song. The idea
is to approach it like a painting or illustration, filling in colors and
details as we go.

I added some detail around the first chorus to bring out the chordal
shaping (i just made that up! maybe i should post this at .dork).

Then Vince added a wash of distortion from his fender solid state.

no mix to post yet. it's just too soon and we're so fragile. and we
haven't mixed and panned.