the Ups - another afternoon

Another afternoon is on its way to completion.
Another Afternoon (as of 04/13) right click, save as; -
you will need quicktime to play this one.

This piece started out as some crazy beats from roy that he dismissed as crazy beats. He passed them off thinking i might be able to do
something somehow.

i restructured the ins and outs and timing of the beats' effects and
laid out an electric piano part. The idea was to sand down the
frenetic feeling into more of a smooth surface for building. Towards
the end, I changed the direction of the chord pattern and added the
sickening sweet strings just for the duplicitous dramatic effect -
something to encourage the song to stick in your head.

i got the above alteration from roy last night. he added some really
amazing guitar treatments. He's a genius.

Enjoy. and watch for updates.

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