fact fallows fiction

Last night i tried and tried to get to the bottom of a very spacey piece
that Roy started. I think it was my second attempt at sorting it out. it
turns out that what was throwing me off was the delay on the top synth
track - it was rocking a 6/8 pattern that established itself pretty
well. But as soon as the ambient synth track with the bed chords came
in, everything went wonky in my ears. The chords were hitting at at 8ths
that weren't synced up with the pre-established pattern.
I nudged the offending (to my ears) chords left or right and re-adjusted
the delay on the first track. That seemed to do the trick.
Before I'd made these adjustments, I just couldn't come up with any
additional content, because i kept losing my place. After i altered it,
though, a great palm mute bass line popped into my head. I can thank
tommy james.

I'm not going to post the progress because it would be too much hassle
right now (at work, song's on different computer). I just wanted to keep

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