the Ups - FIerce, the fallow Foe

Fierce, the Fallow Foe is finally finished. We (Roy and I) had actually decided that it was complete last month, but there were some small parts that were gonig to bother me the rest of my life if i didn't at least try to fix them. 
I thought that the problems were with quantizing and late midi triggers; but adjusting the velocity of attack on the offending horns and strings seems to smooth out the problems. WHen all is said and done, however, nobody would recognize the difference, i'm sure.

Fierce, the Fallow Foe

This started with Roy sending me a few guitar tracks. I think we were both trying to work on PCs at the time. I managed to sequence some flute loops but got generally sidetracked. After purchasnig an iBook (and, by proxy, new creative energy) i moved it to Ggarageband, convinced roy to use the same application, and began working on it with ease. 

I had worked out a 30 second piece (the first half of the song, mainly) that was intended to be a portfolio builder for soundtracking. Roy's guitar tracks worked seamlessly with where the song was headed. And there the song, fierce the Fallow Foe, as you hear it, was born.

I jokingly told Roy that it reminds me of my reconnissance mission over the Himalayas (not part of my history); but, in truth that's how it makes me feel. We're interested in the space between things; and Fierce the Fallow Foe is about the space between me and the landscape... and also, ironically, the space between completion and dissertation.


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